June 2020 Newsletter

June 3, 2020 by in Course Newsletter

NEWSLETTER by Bart Wolfe, PGA General Manager on June 3, 2020.

Dear Wildewood Members,


June is an exciting month at The WildeWood Club. The golf course is greening up nicely and the Bermuda is starting to grow laterally with the heat.

Course cleanup is continuing with Big Stan picking up the pine cones and Indigo Tree Services cleaning up around the lake areas as well as tree removal.

Cart path repairs have restarted on the back nine and we expect them to be completed in two weeks if the weather cooperates.

Pool deck repairs will be completed this week.

Our stadium tennis courts are being resurfaced this week and new furniture and landscaping will be added to make these our premier courts.

We are getting closer to restarting our social event calendar but we will not add social events until it is safe to hold them. Future social events include Friday night Happy Hours at the Pool, Saturday night Happy Hour at the Clubhouse or Courtyard, Live music, Murder Mystery Dinners, and other themed dinner events.

Women’s golf clinics will continue every other Wednesday night through the summer. $10/student. 5pm-6pm. Tonight is the make up for last week’s rainout and then we will be back on schedule next Wednesday. Please email bart@thewildewoodclub.com to sign-up by the Monday before the Wednesday clinic.

There are 3 Club-fitting events in June:

Taylormade – June 11th 2pm-6pm. This event is now full.

Callaway -June 18th 2pm-6pm. The link to sign-up is:
https://www.callawaygolf.com/TourFitExperienceSignup?id=b9d92cde-c28c-4200-bad5-51552aad43e7.  Once the online calendar is full for this event, you may email bart@thewildewoodclub.com to sign-up for additional open spots.

Cleveland Wedge Fitting Clinic -June 25th. 5pm-7pm. $159 includes: 1 ½ hours of short game instruction at 3 different stations and a custom fit Cleveland Wedge. Additional wedges may be added for $99 at this event. Please email bart@thewildewoodclub.com to sign-up.

Swim Team
Swim team starts on June 8th and runs through July 31st. The deadline to sign-up is Friday, June 5th. We sent out several emails out on the swim team this week but if you still have questions, please email bart@thewildewoodclub.com or our Swim Team Coach Caroline Agostini at carolineagostini2002@gmail.com.

Junior Golf Camps
The WildeWood Club will offer 3 junior golf camps this summer with PGA General Manager Bart Wolfe and PGA Teaching Professional Mike Castelluzzi. The cost is $100 per camp. The camps are two-day camps from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm each day. Prizes, snacks, drinks, and lunch are included each day. The camps are open to HOA, Social, Tennis, and Golf members and their guests. Age 5-18.Sign-up forms are available in the pro shop or by emailing bart@thewildewoodclub.com

June Camp: Monday, June 22nd & Tuesday, June 23rd
July Camp: Monday, July 20th & Tuesday, July 21st
August Camp: Monday, August 17th & Tuesday August 18th

The WildeWood Golf Shop is having a Father’s Day Blowout Sale from June 1st to June 21st. Come take advantage of the great deals and get your Father’s Day gift!

  • 10% off all CLUBS
  • 20% off all APPARELL
  • 15% off all SHOES
  • 15% off all LOGO BAGS
  • 35% off all OUTERWEAR
  • SRIXON QSTAR BALLS – $32/dozen
  • SRIXON ZSTAR BALLS – $35/dozen
  • Cleveland RTX Wedges $99

The Friday Night 9-Hole Couples League begins this Friday, June 5 at 5:00 pm. Please call the golf shop to sign up.

The Father’s Day Golf Tournament will be held on Sunday, June 21. The tournament will be a Captain’s Choice. Please call the golf shop to sign up. More details will be sent out this week.

Hours of Operation will be CHANGING for the month of June:

Golf Hours of Operation on Mondays for June 2020:
Pro Shop: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm
Tee Times: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Range: 9:30 am to 30 MINS BEFORE SUNSET (allows the golf staff to pick the range, chipping greens, and putting greens)

Golf Hours of Operation on Tuesday to Sunday for June 2020:
Pro Shop: 7:00 am to 6:30 pm
Tee Times: 7:30 am to 6:30 pm
Range: 7:00 am to 30 MINS BEFORE SUNSET (allows golf staff to pick the range, chipping greens, and putting greens)

*These times may be affected by the weather*

The DAILY GROUP PLAY times are CHANGING for the month of JUNE. You can sign up online or by calling the golf shop. Tee times for the DAILY GROUP PLAY at the times listed below and will be back to a SHOTGUN START. Please note the change in the DAILY GROUP PLAY times:

  • Tuesdays: Seniors Play Day – 8:30 am/ Ladies Play Day – 9:10 am
  • Wednesdays: Wednesday Morning Group – 8:30 am
  • Thursdays: Seniors Play Day – 8:30 am/ Ladies Play Day – 9:10 am
  • Fridays: Friday Morning Group – 8:30 am
  • Saturdays: Catfight – 8:10 am/ Dogfight – 8:20 am
  • Sundays: Blitz – 8:20 am

When hitting balls on the range, please be courteous and only hit from within the ropes. This helps prevent unnecessary damage to the range and ensure lush grass when the ropes are moved every two days.

The golf shop is offering club regripping services. We have seven grip styles in stock and plenty of other styles that can be ordered. Upgrade to some new grips today!

New TaylorMade SIM woods and irons have arrived in the pro shop!

You are not allowed to use the practice facilities (range, putting greens, chipping green) unless you are paying to play a round of golf that day. Please call the golf shop to make your tee time. You have 6 times per year to play the WildeWood golf course at the Guest Rate.

Guest Rate Monday to Thursday: $37 (18 holes)/ $20 (9 holes)
Guest Rate Friday to Sunday: $47 (18 holes)/ $27 (9 holes)

Tennis Department
Hard Court Maintenance – Courts 7 and 8 have begun to be worked on as of Monday June 1. This process will take a little longer than the top two as they will be fixing all of the cracks that were on these courts. We appreciate your patience while these are being resurfaced and we are excited to see the final product!

Clay Court Maintenance – Please make sure to use Reservemycourt.com or call the tennis center before going out on the courts, as well as delete any court that you may have booked but are no longer planning to use. Due to the heat, we will be needing to water the courts during the day a bit more to keep them in good condition. We will also be spreading magnesium on the courts over the next couple weeks, so be on the lookout for court closures. We plan to do that on days that do not have any or much play in order to not interfere with regular weekly play.

Clinics and Camps
Starting June 1, we will be starting back with our Ladies Clinics. Please find below the new clinic schedule:

  • 2.5 – Tuesday 9-10:30
  • 3.0 – Monday 9-10:30
  • 3.0/3.5 – Saturday 9-10:30
  • 3.5 – Friday 9-10:30
  • 4.0 – Wednesday 9-10:30

*These Clinics are open to all players, however you must be rated at the same level of the clinic that you attend or play on a WildeWood team at the same level of the clinic that you attend.

Starting Jun 1st Kids Clinics:

  • Yellow Ball Clinic (Ages 13-16): Monday and Wednesday 3:30-5:00
  • Green Dot Clinic (Ages 11-12): Tuesday and Thursday 4:00-5:00
  • Orange Ball Clinic (ages 8-10): Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-4:00
  • Red Ball Clinic 1 (Ages 6-8): Mondays from 2:30-3:30
  • Red Ball clinic 2 (Ages 3-6): Wednesday 2:30-3:30

*These Clinics will not meet on any day that a tennis camp is meeting. Age and ability level will also help us determine which clinic your child should be in.

Kids Tennis Camps

  • June 15-18 (Ages 6-13): 12pm-5pm / $200 / Snacks and Drinks provided
  • June 22-23 (Ages 6-17): 12pm-5pm / $100 / Snacks and Drinks provided
  • July 13-16 (Ages 6-13): 12pm-5pm / $200 / Snacks and Drinks provided
  • July 20-21 (Ages 6-17): 12pm-5pm / $100 / Snacks and Drinks provided
  • Aug 10-11 (Ages 6-17): 12pm-5pm / $100 / Snacks and Drinks provided
  • Aug 17-20 (Ages 6-13): 12pm-5pm / $200 / Snacks and Drinks provided

Message from the USTA
This communication was sent out by USTA SC this morning regarding league play and State Championships. We will be open for league play starting June 1st but we still have facilities that are closed so I will let you know once we decide we can resume play. I am still waiting to hear from captains regarding Spring Leagues. We will address credits and refunds as soon as we have established our policy for those. A form will be available in the near future for you to request a refund. We greatly appreciate your patience though all this and hope to see everyone on the courts soon!!

The determination has been made to cancel all USTA SC championships, including USTA SC League State Championships, USTA SC Junior Team Tennis State Championships and Tennis on Campus State Championships.

USTA South Carolina will continue to monitor this evolving situation. We care deeply about our tennis community, your health and well-being. The USTA highly recommends that all players and facilities adhere to the “Playing Tennis Safely” guidelines, as well as all local health and safety regulations when returning to play.

To access the Safe Play Guidelines, and to monitor updates from USTA South Carolina, visit: http://www.southcarolina.usta.com/news/covid-19_updates/.

Susan Turner
USTA SC Manager of Adult Leagues

Maintenance Department

We finished May wet and warm and have really seen the Bermuda green up. Some highlights from May were we finally got control of the Poa on 8-10 and 15-17. The areas that were infested the worst have left a few thin voids, but we have now put out 3 tons of quick release nitrogen to help jump start those areas filling in. We were also able to get out our first application of sand on the greens. This will become a much more frequent occurrence throughout the Summer. We will be going a lot lighter than the initial application, but the sand serves 2 purposes for us. First it helps smooth out the surface for better speed and ball roll. Secondly, it helps dilute the thatch, or spongy material just under the surface of the grass. Some thatch is beneficial but too much prevents proper air, water, and nutrient exchange in the soil.

Looking ahead to this month, we will start our monthly applications of growth regulator to tees and fairways. This product limits the plants ability to grow vertically and in turn allows the plant to use its energy to grow laterally. This should help us fill in the thin areas on the tees and fairways as well as help us limit the days a week we are mowing and grass clippings on our high maintained turf. We will also begin another round of bunker work. This will involve moving sand from the low side of bunkers back up to the steep sides, as well as trying to establish a nice edge on all of them at least an inch and a half deep. We are also excited about the work Indigo Trees is doing for us on the lake banks of 1 and 4 and the new cart paths that will hopefully be finished in the next 10 days providing we have good weather.

And looking farther in advance we have scheduled our first (and possibly only) aerification for the first Monday-Wednesday of July 6th, 7th, and 8th. Our plan is to get all tees and greens done those first 3 days as well as start on some fairways. We may have to work on a few fairways the following Monday or 2 as well to get all the areas we want done. On a good year weather wise, I would expect it to be 10-14 days before the greens heal completely but this is a necessary evil.

As always, I look forward to seeing you all on the course and if you ever have any questions are concerns please reach out to me at Grayson@thewildewoodclub.com.


Bart Wolfe
PGA General Manager
(803) 788-8000 Option 3

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