To our Members, Guests, Friends, and Family…

We are living in unprecedented times. Our communities have been turned upside down and information is being circulated almost by the second. COVID-19 is a concern in all our lives and our community. At this time our facility plans to remain open and continue operating as long as there are no government mandated closures or procedures that would alter our business. For those that plan to visit our facility in the upcoming weeks, we want to update you on current protocols and procedures that have been implemented to help protect our staff, our patrons and our community. We will keep you posted as to any changes.

Message Posted on 5-22-20 The State of South Carolina has issued reopening guidelines for all businesses. The order continues to encourage strict social distancing guidelines by keeping a minimum of 6 feet between you and others. Please be safe and take the proper precautions to stay healthy during this National State of Emergency. We will keep the members updated about all cancellations or changes in procedures.

In an effort to follow proper safety protocols:

  • Flagsticks on the putting/chipping greens have been removed.
  • All carts will be cleaned and sanitized daily and staged 6 feet apart.
  • Cups have been reversed so that the ball only goes 1 inch into the hole.
  • All green towels are washed daily.
  • Rakes and water coolers have been removed from the golf course.
  • Food & Beverage service both indoors and outdoors has reduced capacity.

We ask the members to follow these guidelines while on the premises:

  • Do not move the trays while hitting balls on the driving range.
  • Do not touch the flagsticks while playing.
  • Take your own cart if available (may not be possible on busy days).
  • Do not gather in groups larger than 10 in any area while on premises.
  • Do not move tables or chairs from the Grill to any outside area.

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