Welcome to a New Day at the WildeWood Club!
We hope you will consider becoming a member of this Community Based Club that offers affordable memberships for everyone.

Join Us on FacebookIn 2019, a group of 60 Resident Investors purchased WildeWood from First Citizens Bank with the vision of creating a community based club that serves as the center of our neighborhood. Our neighborhood, located in Columbia’s Northeast section of the city, includes WildeWood and the surrounding communities. Over the next several years, we are excited about planned improvements to our facilities, which will allow the WildeWood Club to better serve our community.

Golf Course
The WildeWood Club Golf Course.
The WildeWood Club

The golf course was designed by Russell Breeden and opened in 1976.  Built on over 160 acres, there is not a single parallel fairway as the course unfolds through the rolling terrain of the Sandhills.  The layout is fair, yet challenging for all players, with excellent course conditions and Tif-Eagle Bermuda greens. Each hole is framed by great oak and pine trees making it one of the most playable golf courses in the area. Our professional staff offers lessons for all level players including juniors.  We enjoy a driving range, practice putting green, pro shop and Pub.

Tennis Facility
Indoor/Outdoor Lighted Courts.
WildeWood Club Tennis

The Tennis facilities at the WildeWood Club include four lighted clay courts, four lighted hard courts and two climate controlled indoor hard courts. Tennis members enjoy a robust program with both social matches and opportunities to participate on one of our competitive USTA teams as part of the Columbia Tennis League.  Since tennis is a year-round sport, our members enjoy a comprehensive range of activities for men, women and juniors.  With a full time tennis pro on site, we offer all levels of lessons and clinics to our members.

Swim Facility
Family Friendly Environment.
WildeWood Club Pool

Swim offers access to the regulation size pool for sanctioned competitions. The pool opens from Memorial Day to Labor Day with the possibility of an extended open season. Lifeguards and typical amenities on site. A new Splash Pad is being added as one of the first capital improvements. Social offers include your participation in organized events, special functions, access to the facilities for private events and ongoing opportunities to build neighborhood fellowship.  A new playground will be added for member use in the coming months.


Mike Biscotti
(803) 788-8000

Kimberley Bagley
(803) 788-8000

Welcome to a New Day at the WildeWood Club!

Pinnacle Golf Properties, the highly acclaimed club management company, headquartered in Charlotte, NC will be responsible for the daily operations of the WildeWood Club. Their expertise and experience in a highly competitive industry will ensure that the WildeWood Club is postured for success.

Our membership options at the WildeWood Club are affordable and simple.  The Partnering Homeowner’s Association* Membership and General Club Membership offer three levels of memberships to either the Golf, Tennis or Social/Swim facilities.

*Partnering HOA Membership

If you reside in WildeWood Section I-IV, Section V, Turkey Point, Mallet Hill Village or The Enclave, you qualify for this membership category.

Full Golf Membership

Includes Tennis Membership. Billed by and paid to Pinnacle.

$235 / month

Tennis Membership

Billed by and paid to Pinnacle.

$120 / month

Swim Membership

Paid directly to one of the Partnering HOA's.

$40 / month

There is a $1,500.00 Entrance Fee to join The Wildewood Club.
Entrance Fee can be paid $250 per month over 6 month period.

General Club Membership

General membership levels open to anyone not in a *Partnering HOA of the WildeWood Club. Contact us for Swim Membership.

Full Golf Membership

Includes Tennis and Swim Memberships.

$280 / month

Tennis Membership

Includes Swim Membership.

$170 / month

Non-Resident Golf Membership

Golf Only Membership.

$155 / month

There is a $1,500.00 Entrance Fee to join The Wildewood Club.
Entrance Fee can be paid $250 per month over 6 month period.

Young Professional Full Golf Membership

General membership level open to any person Ages 25-35. Includes Full Golf, Tennis and Swim Memberships.

$150 / month

There is a $1,500.00 Entrance Fee to join The Wildewood Club. Contact The Wildewood Club for more information.
Entrance Fee can be paid $250 per month over 6 month period.

*Partnering HOA’s: WildeWood Section I-IV; Section V; Turkey Point; Mallet Hill Village and the Enclave.

Full Golf Members: Members are not required to pay green fees for their use of the golf course, but are required to pay golf cart fees.


Mike Biscotti
(803) 788-8000

Kimberley Bagley
(803) 788-8000

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